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Home Staging, Furniture Makeover, and More!

What is the rehabilitation of a piece of furniture? 

WYLE Home Design can rehabilitate a piece of furniture while keeping its original style. We are able to repair all types of damage and rebuild any missing parts.

We take in charge total renovations, of all types of wood.

The furniture can be rehabed identically or completely transformed, in that case, the makeover service will take over. Contact us via our contact page and send us photos of your furniture, so we can bring them back to life.

What is the makeover of a piece of furniture?

Our customization service allows our customers to obtain unique pieces from existing furniture, both in terms of shape and color. But not only that. The use of modelling products, or even various coatings, often completes the process of uniqueness.

What is customization?

We customize a piece or a set of furniture, belonging to you according to your desires. WYLE Home Design accompanies you in the choice of materials, effects and colors. Do not change your furniture anymore but customize them! 

The need to invest in new furniture is therefore no longer necessary.

Your furniture often has a sentimental value, but is also of a manufacture that is becoming rare. You have the possibility to change your interior and your decoration, while keeping the nobility and the quality of your furniture.

All you have to do is express your needs, desires and vision.

We can also respond to personalized orders; just tell us what type of furniture you are looking for and together we will realize the furniture of your dreams.

What about interior design?

WYLE Home Design can bring a new breath, maybe a new ambiance to your interior. This process often involves changes in colors, textures, furniture, decorative objects too but not only.

Tell us what you like the most, what you like the least, and we will make your wishes come true.

& Home remodeling?

The remodeling of a house, a room or a space can be done in different ways. Mount a wall, to separate a room in order to create two distinct spaces. Break down one to widen a room, or even enlarge the size of the house in height or width, by creating an extension of it. 

Remodeling can also be the creation of accesses, windows, raising or lowering the level of a room. So many possibilities that we put at your fingertips.


We basically are located in Manhattan New York, where we deliver and pick up in person. For our dear customers within the United States of America, we schedule a pick-up with our partner and we ship for delivery.

  Delivery time varies depending on the service.

Please contact us for further details.

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